How does Klapz work?

Post content as usual

Do what you are already doing. Upload your content on the platform that your audience know you : YouTube, Twitter.

Ask fans to Klap

In your content, mention that audience can Klap to reward you, when they love your content.

Fans klap

With purchased Klaps in their wallet, fans can give you any number of Klaps they wish.

Monthly payout

The money equivalent to the Klaps you received will be transferred to your banking account.

Why is Klapz unique?

Funding from every fan

Smaller contributions bring forward 100X sponsors than expensive/monthly subscriptions.

Small, but very often

The same audience could reward for every piece of your content they loved. More revenue options.

All your content ever

Every content that you've ever posted can earn you for eternity, even if you create occasionally.

Increase your audience

Friends of your Klappers will get to know your content. This ripple effect brings you 100X reach.

No setup/monthly fees

Absolutely free to register. Happy to see you earn.

Your revenue is yours!

Klapz charges 0% of your revenue. No hidden charges, just payment gateway fees.